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Switzer Performance Ultimate Street Edition or Flex Fuel Package SAE dyno

Switzer Performance Ultimate Street Edition or Flex Fuel Package

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  • The Ultimate Street Edition GTRs start life as “standard” R35 GTR Nissans, but are re-engineered from the ground up to deliver on Tym Switzer’s vision of what the most enjoyable driving experience would be. “It’s not just my vision,” says Tym, “it’s our customers’ vision. For the most part, they’re professionals. They have clients. They have families. They’re busy every day. One thing they don’t have is the time required to keeping a highly-strung tuner car on the road, order highly toxic drums of race fuel, not to mention taking trips to the chiropractor to fix their neck from the constant harsh shifts and stiff, track-oriented suspensions.

    These guys want a car they can USE – a pussycat of a car that will purr along in bumper-to-bumper traffic with a reliable A/C, a reasonably quiet exhaust, and no worries about where they’re going to gas up. Though, when the road opens up, they want that pussycat to turn into a ROARING lion. Right now! On demand! With no penalties, no compromises, and no excuses!”

    Now, the Ultimate Street Edition GTR is available with a flex-fuel option as well- delivering up to 20% more power and better acceleration with cleaner emissions on inexpensive E85. A great option for those with access to ethanol blended fuels!
    • Switzer ball-bearing turbochargers
    • Switzer cast-stainless steel exhaust manifolds
    • Switzer turbo oil and coolant lines
    • Switzer high-flow downpipes
    • Switzer high-pressure wastegates
    • Switzer turbo/downpipe heat shielding and thermal wrap
    • High-flow intake assembly
    • Switzer MONSTER intercoolers
    • Switzer stage 1 engine upgrade
    • Switzer SS102 Lightweight Stainless Steel 102mm Sport Exhaust
    • High-flow fuel injectors
    • Switzer fuel system upgrades
    • Switzer engine cooling PKG
    • Cobb v3 AccessPort (w/ trans. control)
    • Switzer / Sheptrans GR6 upgrade
    • Switzer Transmission Cooling PKG

    *Upgrade options also available 

    • Switzer stage 2 engine upgrade
    • Switzer / Sheptrans stage 4 trans, upgrade 
    • Upgraded GTR axles
    • Upgraded axle stub shaft and hubs
    • Upper and lower differential braces
    • Switzer 6 wheel set w/ drag radials
    • Switzer brake upgrades
    • Switzer suspension upgrades
    • Switzer "stealth" NHRA certified roll cage 
  • $64,990.00 USD

    * Please call one of our performance consultants for the opportunity to assist you through the process of selecting the appropriate Switzer Performance upgrade package to achieve your desired vehicle performance goals.

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